Starting off clear

It has been said to whom much is given much is expected. I have grown up in the Midwest in a very fortunate

situation with both parents who still love each other today after 42 years. I grew up in a Legacy of Love, comfort

and care. So much should be required of what I have been given. This is a belief that I have been raised to

understand. Charity and growth in spirit has been a part of my family’s legacy for many generations. Charity

for me always started at home. The type of Charity that my mother always showed me was the love and caring

of creating a wonderful home-cooked meal.


It was out of that bounty that I had a giving heart and was taught how to treat others. Growing up active in a

church that understood charity put a heavy emphasis on that in my life. Charity did not start with giving what we

owe God. For many people believe that giving 10% of what you earn is considered charity. My family has

always considered that something that God commanded.


Throughout these writings in my blog we will explore what charity and spiritual growth means. I will take the

opportunity to interview several friends, family members, and business people throughout our community in

hopes of discovering what true charity means to everyone. We will explore soup kitchens, food pantries, and

government aid as well as a multitude of Hands-On Churchs that are giving resources as well.

My intention of writing this blog is to create a focus on how we give and how it affects our own heart. It’s

important to have a philosophy in life. And the philosophy that I am trying to engage and create is one of giving

and over sharing. I believe you should be the change that you would like to see in the world and I believe that

there is not enough people with Open Hearts and willingness to give.


I am of the belief that if you have an open heart and live a life that has a cup that is over filled that no matter

how much you give away you will never be able to empty that cup completely. My focus on this particular blog

is to focus again on charity of heart and how my spiritual journey is going. This is a journey for me and is not a

destination that I have arrived yet. By creating a focus it allows me to continuously create ways to grow

spiritually. I consider this my spiritual cardiovascular fitness workout.


Although I believed I have learned a lot so far in my journey. I do believe I have much more to learn. I know that

past charitable have often led to my own growth. You cannot help someone up the mountain without pulling

your own weight up too. This is something that Norman Schwarzkopf a great US general said during the early

90s. I thought this was a very interesting take away knowing that by helping someone up the hill you truly do help

yourself. I am a very visual person and by learning with a hands-on experience it has helped me truly grasp the

meaning of Charity. Spirituality and that growth happens only when I am quiet and alone. I hope that this journey

into this will allow me to focus like a laser on growing my spiritual gifts.